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Best Red Light Therapy Device 2023 for Pain Management

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Red light therapy has emerged as a promising solution when it comes to pain management. Recent clinical trials prove its benefits for a number of age related diseases, such as arthritis and joint pain, neuropathy, sciatica, fibromyalgia and more. However, choosing the right red light therapy device is crucial for achieving the best results. In this article, we’ll explore the best red light therapy device for pain management and compare the Novaa Light Pad and the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad, two of the best options available in the US.

best red light therapy device for pain relief

What Makes The Best Red Light Therapy Device For Pain Management?

Before diving into the comparison, let’s take a look at the essential features a red light therapy device for pain relief should have:

  1. Medical LEDs with Direct Skin Contact: For red light therapy to be effective for pain relief, the red light needs to be as close to skin tissues as possible to ensure deep tissue penetration. Thus, devices specifically designed for pain relief need to be equipped with medical LEDs that can be safely used directly on the skin.
  2. Sweat Resistance: A pain relief device should be resistant to sweat to maintain its effectiveness even during active or prolonged use.
  3. Most Bioactive Wavelengths for Pain Relief: Effective pain management requires the emission of specific wavelengths, primarily 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light, which are known for their deep healing properties.
  4. 360-Degree Light Coverage: The device should be designed to wrap around the target area, ensuring that healing light reaches from all angles.
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee: A money-back satisfaction guarantee of at least 4 weeks is essential, as it aligns with the time it typically takes to experience results. This is important because not all pain conditions may respond to red light therapy.

Novaalab Light Pad Reviews

Novaalab’s mission is to make biohacking technologies accessible for everyone. Their deep healing Novaa Light Pad has been one of the first deep healing devices on the market with great results for thousands of customers.

CuraYou Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad Reviews

CuraYou’s mission is to empower people to take control of their health & well-being, and minimize their dependence on a broken US healthcare system. The Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad has been bestseller, specifically among people suffering from chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, neuropathy, or fibromyalgia.

Novaa Light Pad vs. Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad Comparison

Now, let’s compare the two best red light therapy devices designed for pain relief:

Novaa Light PadCura ProWave Deep Healing Pad
Medical LEDsYesYes
Number of Light Chips360360
Emits Deep Healing Wavelengths Of LightYesYes
Sweat ResistanceYesYes
Hygiene/ CleaningNoDetachable Hygiene+ Pad
360-Degree Light CoverageYesYes
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee60 Days60 Days
Ease Of UseControl panel to customize intensity (for pain relief, you need to use max. power)Pre-set to maximum intensity be default. Special Pulsting+ Technology for recovery.
Comparions: The best red light therapy device for pain management.

Conclusion: The Best Red Light Therapy Device 2023 For Pain Relief

Both the Novaa Light Pad and the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad offer similar benefits. The Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad stands out due to its lower price and the convenience of a Detachable Hygiene+ Pad for easy cleaning. This feature becomes especially handy when the device is used used after sports for recovery, for wound healing or is shared among family members and pets.

The Novaa Light Pad provides more control over the output power, which can be a useful feature. Still, for optimal results in pain relief, using the device at maximum power is recommended.

Recommendation: The Novaa Light Pad and the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad are both excellent options, consumer reports suggest comparable benefits from both devices. For those seeking an effective and budget-friendly solution, the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad is the way to go. Its affordable price and easy cleaning options make it a top choice for pain relief and our winner in our category for “The Best Red Light Therapy Device 2023”.

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