Study Reveals That NSAIDs actually worsen inflammation over time – What You Should Do Instead To Manage Chronic Pain

Medical Professionals Have Long Suspected It, Now the Evidence is In

A groundbreaking new study published by the Radiological Society of North America has unveiled a troubling reality: long-term NSAID use for osteoarthritis of the knee significantly worsens inflammation of the joint. Despite this alarming discovery, legislative changes to our healthcare system remain stagnant. Why? Lawmakers are deeply entangled in a web of campaign contributions and lobbying efforts, prioritizing profits over patient well-being.

NSAIDs Side Effects Study

How Are Older Adults Managing Chronic Pain?

The Center for Senior Health recently conducted a comprehensive survey involving 5,000 older adults suffering from chronic pain. The goal was to uncover the most common pain management strategies and understand the potential impact of the recent findings on these vulnerable individuals. Here’s what we found:

Chronic pain management among older adults

Expert Insights from Dr. Finks

Dr. Finks, a renowned pain management specialist, reviewed this survey and provided his professional insights on the alternatives older adults should consider.

1) Medications: While common, they come with significant side effects.

  • Analgesics like Tylenol or paracetamol can be toxic to the liver, leading to yellowing, pain, and fatigue.
  • NSAIDs such as Aleve, Advil, and ibuprofen can worsen inflammation over time.
  • Anticonvulsants like Gabapentin can cause depression and memory loss
  • Narcotic opioids like OxyContin can lead to drug tolerance, addiction, and pave the way to more severe narcotic drug use.

2) CBD: A natural option, but its effects are often temporary.

3) Avoiding Activity: One of the worst strategies as it accelerates bodily deterioration and exacerbates pain over time.

4) EMS/TENS Devices: Effective for temporary pain management.

5) Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Care: Excellent for many chronic painful conditions like neuropathy, though it can be expensive.

6) Cortisone Injections: Useful but limited due to the restricted number of injections one can safely receive.

7) Red Light Therapy: A highly promising alternative. Despite its low usage, largely due to the pharmaceutical industry’s discouragement of research, the benefits are substantial and very real. Scientific studies show that deep healing red light therapy helps with:

✔ Pain caused by degenerative changes in tendons, cartilage and bones such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, degenerative disc or osteoporosis
✔ Pain caused by nerve compression, such as neuropathy or sciatica
✔ Pain caused by inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis or bursitis

The best thing about it is that we know for certain that there are no negative side effects to it and patients can conveniently treat themselves from the comfort of their home, Dr. Med. Finks explains. 

Dr. Finks’ Recommended Alternatives

For those managing chronic pain, Dr. Finks recommends physical therapy (if affordable) and red light therapy for everyone. Ideally, a combination of both would be the best approach.

Unfortunately, many doctors charge upwards of $8,000 for such programs, turning pain management into a lucrative industry.

Recognizing this, the Center for Senior Health has partnered with CuraYou to introduce a cost-effective, self-guided light therapy treatment plan. This comprehensive program includes physical therapy exercises, dietary and supplement recommendations, and red light therapy for a holistic approach to neuropathic pain.

Neuropathy Light Therapy System

Therapy systems for conditions like osteoarthritis are also in development and will be available soon.

Introducing the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad

In light of the shocking NSAIDs study, CuraYou is proud to present the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad, recently awarded the best medical-grade red light therapy home device. To support those needing to update their chronic pain management routine, CuraYou is offering a 50% discount on the ProWave Deep Healing Pad for the Center For Senior Health.

Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad

Don’t let chronic pain control your life. Discover the power of red light therapy and transform your pain management routine. This is a limited offer, courtesy to CuraYou. Discount and availability can not be guaranteed.

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